February 25, 2024
10 flee as Oyo Amotekun stops over 150 northerners from Zamfara in Ibadan

10 flee as Oyo Amotekun stops over 150 northerners from Zamfara in Ibadan

Ibadan—A truck transporting around 150 northerners traveling from Zamfara State was stopped yesterday by the Amotekun corps in Oyo State in Ibadan.

Vanguard learned that the travelers, who were apprehended close to the axis after being stopped in the Bodija market, were traveling from Zamfara to Ogere in Ogun State.


Additionally, it was said that 10 of the northerners fled when they saw an Amotekun employee.

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When they saw the truck carrying bundles of potatoes, onions, beans, and motorcycles with northern travelers, including men, women, teenagers, and children crammed inside, they alerted Amotekun of their suspicion.


The truck was then taken to Amotekun’s office in Dandaru, Ibadan, where the travelers were questioned while the contents of the truck were unloaded and searched.

Abdullahi Aliu, the driver of the truck with the license plate Abuja BWR 143 XD, admitted to transporting the goods and travelers to Ogere, Ogun State, and only offloading some of the goods at Bodija market during questioning at the Amotekun office.


Aliu responded that he helped some of them on the journey because they did not have transportation fee when asked why he was carrying such a large number.

Police officers and Department of State Services personnel were present to search and question the travelers.

Security authorities said that no evidence-supporting objects were discovered on the travelers or in the truck following the search and questioning.

Following confirmation of their location, the security agents decided to accompany the travelers to the Ogun State border so they could continue on to Ogere.

Oyo government responds


When questioned about it, Ahmed Muritala, the Special Assistant to Governor Seyi Makinde on Arewa, who was present at the Amotekun office, poked fun of the truck driver for transporting such a large quantity at a time when the country was dealing with security challenges.

Muritala claimed that he had warned the owner of the car to be cautious about transporting such a sizable group of people from the north at such a time.

10 flee as Oyo Amotekun stops over 150 northerners from Zamfara in Ibadan


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