February 25, 2024
2023 elections can't be manipulated

2023 elections can’t be manipulated

The next elections in Nigeria in 2023 cannot be rigged in any way, according to the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC).

Due to the passage of the Electoral Act of 2022, the implementation of the Bimodal Voter Registration System, and other stringent procedures implemented in advance of the general elections in 2023, INEC boasted that rigging and other types of electoral malpractices have been “murdered” and “buried.”


The commission also expressed confidence that the general elections the next year will be free, fair, credible, and free of corruption, according to The Punch.

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This guarantee was given by Prof. Mahmood Yakubu, the chairman of INEC, at a breakfast seminar hosted by the Christian Men’s Fellowship at St. James’ Anglican Church in Abuja.

The seminar’s title was “Let’s talk Politics 2.0,” and its focus was on “Leadership, Politics, and Civic Engagement in 2023 and Beyond.”

Yakubu stated that it is no longer possible for anyone to vote more than once in a Nigerian election. He was represented by Chukwuemeke Ugbaoja, the Deputy Director, Voter Education Provider, Election Monitoring and Observation.


“We have killed and buried election rigging in this country with the Electoral Act 2022. I can say with absolute certainty that was the best thing to ever happen to this nation.


“Nobody will ever be able to cast two votes in this nation again. It’s not doable. Your name and other information have been programmed into the machine, so when you present your voter card, they match it to the machine.


2023 elections can’t be manipulated

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