February 24, 2024

3 soldiers are hurt as Presidential Guardsmen thwart a terrorist attempt in Abuja.

While on patrol at the Bwari-Kubwa road on Monday, Guards Brigade soldiers of the Nigerian Army foiled an ambush by terrorists in Abuja.

According to intelligence sources, suspected terrorists assaulted troops on regular patrol along Kubwa – Bwari. The incident resulted in the injuries of three soldiers. In order to receive medical care, the soldiers have been evacuated.

Captain Godfrey Anebi Abakpa, the Guards’ spokesperson, who confirmed the attack, noted that the ambush occurred in or near Bwari, indicating that the terrorists were actually there and perhaps getting ready to carry out their plans to attack the Nigerian law school there as had been previously reported.


He claimed that the injured soldiers were transported right away to the military hospital for immediate medical care.

They (the troops) were attacked, but the onslaught was thwarted. We had a few combat casualties who were sent to the hospital and are now undergoing care.

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Currently, our forces are still searching the general region to clear it of the criminals who have been posing a threat. Residents are asked to carry on with their lawful activities and to continue working with us by providing us with timely information so that we can defeat the crooks.

In a video they released on Sunday, terrorists identified President Muhammad Bihari, Malam Nasir Rufai, and other government officials as their next targets. This attack took place just 24 hours later.


Remember that Abuja, the country’s Federal Capital, and the surrounding areas are all protected by the Nigerian Army Guards Brigade.


3 soldiers are hurt as Presidential Guardsmen thwart a terrorist attempt in Abuja.

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