February 24, 2024
AAC: Nothing to Celebrate At Eagle Square On May Day

AAC: Nothing to Celebrate At Eagle Square On May Day

The Nigeria Labour Congress decided to stage its May Day rally on the streets of the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja. The African Action Congress has responded.

The government of President Muhammadu Buhari recently denied the workers’ union permission to use Abuja’s Eagle Square.

In a statement issued on Saturday in Abuja, the NLC’s general secretary, Emmanuel Ugboaja, verified this.

In response, the AAC welcomed the NLC’s decision as progressive and an opportunity to relate to the struggles that millions of Nigerians are going through in a tweet on Sunday.

“This is a welcome development, and as a revolutionary party, we think this is actually the way to go,” the party said.Why would the employees congregate in Eagle Square to celebrate in the first place? Is inflation being affected? inadequate pay and benefits? workers becoming more flexible? Insecurity? schoolchildren are being abducted indefinitely? Continuously rising unemployment rate? middle class getting smaller?

“Will it be to rejoice that 133 million of us are experiencing several forms of poverty? Or to celebrate the recently enacted increase in tuition (by more than 100%) at our tertiary institutions?

“No. You’ll concur with us in saying that Eagle Square isn’t a place to celebrate anything.

The place to be is on the street. To combat the antics of those who have the country’s own existence in their hands, the Labour centers must come together now more than ever. to freedom, please. We cannot continue like this. May Day 2023. Revolution Now.

The government revoked the NLC’s license to hold its May Day celebration in Eagle Square in Abuja, the organization said in a statement titled “National May Day Celebration in Abuja: Change of Venue” released on Saturday.

The message reads: “As you must be aware of the questionable last-minute decision made by the central government to refuse us usage of the Eagle Square three days prior to this year’s May Day celebrations despite having granted us the permit months earlier.

Do you recall that we have been holding our May Day celebrations here for the past several decades?

The abrupt decision to revoke the permission can be filled with trouble and even be an indication of what is to come soon. It is a warning to be ready for anything.

We want to let you know that we’ve changed the celebration’s location to the streets of Abuja in response to this tragic situation.

Ugboaja continued, “This is so that we may strengthen our re-connection with the people who are our true allies in the fight for a free society.

The departure place will be at the NLC’s National Headquarters by 8:00 a.m.

The Federal Capital Territory’s authorities later changed their minds about allowing the labor congress to utilize Eagle Square.

Chris Ngige, the minister of labor and employment, claimed that when he called his counterpart in the FCT ministry to address the problem, he was informed that some too zealous bureaucrats were to blame.


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