February 28, 2024
Adewole: Nigerians Shouldn't Be Surprised By Obasanjo Endorsement

Adewole: Buhari government is absent in all sectors.

Prince Adewole Adebayo, the Social Democratic Party’s (SDP) presidential candidate, attacked President Muhammadu Buhari’s administration on Sunday, claiming that the government is absent in all areas.

He claimed that the administration of Buhari is deficient in the areas of infrastructure, economics, security, employment, and mismanagement of resources as well as the general welfare of the populace.

Adebayo made this declaration as he opened his campaign office in Ibadan, the capital of the Oyo state.

The SDP presidential candidate stated that his party would not make any promises when the campaign began, but instead would create plans and commit to following in the footsteps of the late wise man Chief Obafemi Awolowo.

He stated that our current issues include insecurity, economic sabotage, excessive unemployment and inflation, poor budget management, and divisiveness.

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Implementing the programs that are mandated by our constitution in Chapter 2 is what I’ll do differently.

Fundamentally, the implementation of state policy and the Social Democratic Party’s (SDP) policy, from which we have derived two ideas, including good-bye to security and poverty.

In order to create a varied group of competent individuals, we are going to take care that our politics are not a money-bag politics. People who will travel from various regions of the nation.

“The nation will present a unified front through social investments in infrastructure, jobs, food production, housing, health care, and education, these are the things that we will change Leave the financing of higher education.

Don’t give it to the government, the Academic Staff Union of Universities, ASUU, designed the law that established our tertiary education funding as an independent body of trustees. However, when the funds accumulated and the government became envious, it took the funds.

When we take over, we’ll increase the fund and make sure it’s run by impartial trustees who aren’t partisan or elected officials. The institutions’ governing council will receive the funds from those trustees. I want to be the first university president to never meet with the ASUU leadership because they ought to report to the governing council of the university.

“I shall mark the current administration, which is commanded by General Muhammadu Buhari, rtd, as absent because it completely skips the exam.

Having a generator at home is evidence that the government has failed to provide adequate power. If your undergraduate child is at home, the government has not done its job.

“Government has not performed if you need the Igboho and other people to help you catch criminals. If you are unemployed or a pensioner and you have not received your money, the government has not done its job. Not that they didn’t perform well, but they are completely absent. We’re going to establish an effective government that can provide services. A round peg will be inserted into a round hole.

When the campaign gets underway, SDP will only announce its plans. Please keep track of when the campaign begins. In the same manner as it was carried out under Awolowo.

We will provide you with plans that include a timeframe, budget, objectives, and the individuals who will carry them out. A stable currency will be in place. Not that I’m predicting that one naira will equal one dollar. No. He promised, “We will maintain the current exchange rate and lower inflation to a single digit.


Adewole: Buhari government is absent in all sectors.


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