February 21, 2024
Strike: FG varsity managements in stormy session may direct reopening of schools

ASUU president states 2 conditions for ending strike


The Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU) President, Professor Emmanuel Osodeke, has said that the union would halt its current strike and return to the classroom under two conditions.

The Situation: The strike would end, according to Osodeke, provided there is a “solid agreement” with the Federal Government and a ruling by the National Industrial Court (NiC).


On Thursday, September 14, 2022, the union president stated that ASUU was still willing to speak with the government about the problems that prompted the industrial action during a nationwide town hall meeting on tertiary education in Abuja.


Since Monday, February 14, 2022, all public universities across the nation have been closed, with the exception of a few state-owned institutions that choose not to participate in the strike.

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Osodeke expressed his disappointment that the union was sued by the federal government for standing up for their rights.

The ASUU president stated that the court action was not in the best interests of students, their parents, and the country as the NiC began hearing the matter today, Friday, September 16, 2022.


He added that he regretted the fact that ASUU had not received feedback from the government before the Minister of Labour and Employment, Dr. Chris Ngige, dragged the union to the National Industrial Court last week. He claimed the union had given the government “minimum conditions” to end the strike.


His Words: “On all these issues, we have given the government a minimum that we can accept, but they have not responded on the issue of revitilisation, on the issue of earned allowance and on issues that we have all discussed.


”We negotiated and agreed that they should sign and this is very simple, not more than one day.


”On UTASU (university Transparency and Accountability Solution) and IPPIS(Integrated Payroll and Personnel Information System), we say release the report of the test you did and let’s look at the one who came first and take it as we agreed.

”So, we have given them the minimum we want and we have to come down and they can do it in one day if there is a will.


“If the government loves this country, these children and their parents, then they should come to the table and let us resolve these issues in one day.


“Just as we did in 2014, they should come and ensure that we do that, we can even have the meeting in the open so that Nigerians will see what we are discussing.”


Osodeke insisted that taking the union to court was not an option since it would make the situation for students more worse.


He asserted that professors would not engage students, whose academic progress has been suspended since February, if they were ordered by the court to return to the classroom.

ASUU president states 2 conditions for ending strike


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