February 24, 2024
ASUU strike: "We are losing students to constant killings"

ASUU strike: “We are losing students to constant killings”

The Council of Student Union Presidents (CSUP) claims that because students are spending more time at home due to the ASUU strike, they are becoming victims of frequent bandit attacks and killings.


At a news conference on Thursday in Abuja, Mr. Ishaka Yahaya, the Student Union President (SUG), Federal University of Technology (FUT) Minna, spoke on behalf of all SUG presidents across tertiary institutions.

Yahaya claimed that numerous students who were supposed to be in class but instead chose to work other occupations were being abducted and killed as a result.


He urged the government to consider and respond to the demands of ASUU so that the students may go back to school.

The adage that only the grass suffers when two elephants collide is accurate.


“It is clear from this situation that neither the Federal Government nor ASUU have anything to gain from a conflict.

This is due to the fact that salaries for employees of the Federal Government continue to be paid during strikes, and nothing prevents salaries for ASUU members from continuing to be paid once strikes are over.


“You would agree with us that the Nigerian students are the sole sad and innocent victims in this situation because they stand to lose everything.

Even if the strike had been called off, a large number of the students would be too young to serve their country.

After graduation, a large number of students would be unable to obtain government employment due to age restrictions, he claimed.


In addition to other accompanying wantonness and purposelessness among Nigerian students who under normal conditions should be in school learning knowledge, Yahaya claimed that the strike had increased the rate of drug usage, prostitution, and thuggery.


He claimed that insecurities had been spread among Nigerian students and on campus.


Students were now often being abducted by bandits as a result.


He claimed that the CSUP had given the Ministry of Education a seven-day deadline to strike a settlement amicably with their rivals, ASUU.

If they didn’t, he warned, students throughout the nation would organize into a large, peaceful protest to end the strike.


“We hereby request that the Federal Government take the necessary


demands of ASUU as soon as possible, failing to do so will leave us with no choice but to continue with our peaceful protest despite this security uncertainty.

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Because it is preferable to die for something than to live in vain.

Additionally, Mr. Danladi Adankala, president of the SUG at the University of Jos, recalled an incident involving Ogbomosho, a 500-level student at the Ladoke Akintola University of Technology (LAUTECH), who was kidnapped and murdered after paying ransom.


” A 500 level Rachael Opadele from the Department of Fine Art was murdered yesterday in LAUTECH.


She was meant to be finishing up her education in school, but due to the ASUU strike, she chose to work in a hotel, where she was abducted and slain after paying a ransom.


This is one of many that we are aware of. It is crucial for the government to comply with the demands of ASUU so that students can go back to school since they risk being killed while protesting, he said.


In a same spirit, Mr. Naajim Gbefwi, SUG President of Nasarawa State University in Keffi, urged the government to give education top priority in order to benefit Nigerian students.



According to the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN), ASUU has been on strike since February in protest of IPPIS and the adoption of UTAS, as well as for funding to revitalize public universities.


Other examples include failing to uphold the 2009 agreement between the Federal Government and ASUU.


ASUU strike: “We are losing students to constant killings”

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