February 21, 2024

ASUU: UNILAG VC believes the strike will end quickly.

Prof. Oluwatoyin Ogundipe, vice chancellor of the University of Lagos, expresses hope that the Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU) lengthy’s nationwide indefinite strike will soon come to an end.

In an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) on the eve of the opening of a multi-million naira laboratory that Mr. Oyetayo Ige, a university graduate, had renovated and presented to the Faculty of Engineering, Ogundipe dropped the clue.

On Tuesday night, the ceremony was held on the university campus in Akoka, Lagos.

According to NAN, union members began an indefinite strike on February 16 as a result of the government’s failure to adequately address all of the issues presented in the 2020 Memorandum of Action (MoA), which the parties had agreed upon.


The strike began with its members not showing up to work on February 14 and continued for another two months before becoming the ongoing indefinite industrial action. It was called after the union had issued several verbal warnings.

“I want to say that the system may soon start to improve. We are already aware of the different steps taken by several interested parties in the nation to ensure that the system is restored to normalcy so that our children can return to school.

“Therefore, there are strong indicators that the strike may end soon; very soon, and I want to assure you that we are quite hopeful, according to the most recent development and the kind of green light coming from the government’s perspective, Ogundipe stated.

The vice chancellor expressed his joy with the laboratory’s contribution by a former student of the school, calling the move inspiring and the right course of action.

Today, we are dedicating the New Frederick Adegboyega Ige Laboratory Complex, a facility worth several million naira that was provided by a faculty of engineering alumnus of this university.

The Department of Electrical and Electronics uses the laboratory.


“He recently made a decision that is consistent with our “3P3” program, which stands for “Pick a Project, Pick a Person, and Pick a Program. So, in an effort to give back to his alma mater and thereby influence teaching and learning, he has been able to devote millions of naira to enhancing the condition of this laboratory.

Our engineering students will undoubtedly be unstoppable thanks to the three main parts in this laboratory, which include the software, electrical, and hardware divisions, said Ogundipe.


In order to progress civilization and benefit humanity, he praised Ige, the donor, and asked others to act similarly, however they saw fit.

He claims that although important societal players have responded to the 3P3 project launched by the university’s current administration, it can be improved.

“We wish to make an appeal to more business organizations, altruistic people, and university alumni to support the program in partnership with the institution in an effort to improve academic excellence among the students and, eventually, nation building.

Ige, the lab’s donor, claimed that he was passionate about the achievement of the younger generation and felt compelled to support his alma university as a result.

Mr. Ige, who serves as the managing director of Proyecto Technologies Ltd., stated that leaving people with lasting memories rather than just material possessions was the best legacy one could leave them.

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An indigenous business service provider called Proyecto Technologies creates, develops, and implements affordable infrastructure solutions for various industries.

“I started this endeavor partly as a tribute to my late father. He was an educator and a lover of people who didn’t have many needs but was always prepared to offer without expecting anything in return.


“He tragically died in his prime, yet his recollections have persisted ever since. I’ve always wanted to do something in his honor, and I figured there was nowhere better to accomplish it than by returning to UNILAG, where I attended college.

We cannot continually whine about problems while failing to contribute in our own tiny ways, either individually or collectively.

To advance this country, we are all obligated to do our share. As a former student of this university, what I’ve done is my personal contribution. My recommendation is for everyone to take a stand and be counted because if anyone else does the same, things will undoubtedly get better for us.

“We must participate and not rely solely on the government to fulfill all of our needs. This might not be practical. If we want to create the kind of society that we all want, we must act on what we say, according to Ige.

He pledged that in addition to donating the lab, he would also oversee its management and see to it that it serves its intended function.

Former department lecturer Prof. Oluwole Adegbenro praised Ige for the donation, calling it uplifting and appropriate.

Adegbenro, who is now retired, told NAN that while certain university faculties have received donations of this nature, more were needed.

We applaud him for taking this significant step to inspire the next generation. He was our former student and a graduate of the department. He was trained here by us, and he received his diploma in 2008.

“UNESCO constructed this lab in 1962/63. It is now up to us Nigerians to modernize it so that it resembles what is taught in prestigious colleges in other regions.

“Before today, much of the lab’s equipment had outlived its usefulness, but now that we have this brand-new, state-of-the-art laboratory with cutting-edge equipment, our pupils are definitely ready to fly,” he said.

ASUU: UNILAG VC believes the strike will end quickly.


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