February 25, 2024
Kano state

Tragic events occurred in Tarai village, Kibiya Local Government Area, Kano State, when a building collapsed, killing three siblings.
When he led a delegation on a condolence visit to the village, Saleh Jili, the executive secretary of the state emergency management agency, was informed by the deceased’s father, Abubakar Usman.
Umar, Aliyu, and their sister Aisha Abubakar were named as the deceased along with him.

The father claims that the three children, who were four, five, and seven years old, perished on August 7 after their mother’s chamber collapsed as a result of two days of intense rain.

He added, “While I was out of town on a business trip, I received a call from a relative alerting me of the demise of my three biological children. The father of the three deceased children recalled that on the 17th day, he received a call at 6 a.m. informing him that one of the rooms in his home had collapsed, killing all three of his children.
Alkasim Shike, the LGA’s chairman, praised SEMA and the Kano state government for their prompt action and donation of relief materials.

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He claimed that soon after the occurrence, the local government council gave Abubakar’s family the support they needed.

We are pleading with the public to be aware of everything that could result in this kind of catastrophe, he said.
Saleh Jili, Executive Secretary of SEMA, said Governor Ganduje was very upset by the loss of the young children while leading a team to Kibiya.
He said that the organization would put together a thorough report for later submission to the State Government for appropriate action.

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