February 24, 2024
Court sets a hearing date for Tinubu's certificate fraud case

Court sets a hearing date for Tinubu’s certificate fraud case

Due to alleged certificate fraud, a group had petitioned the Federal High Court to prevent INEC from including Tinubu’s name on the ballot for the 2023 presidential election.

A case requesting that Asiwaju Bola Tinubu, the All Progressives Congress (APC) Presidential candidate, be disqualified from the 2023 election due to alleged certificate fraud has been set for hearing on October 12, 2022, by an Abuja Federal High Court.

Judge announces a new time: According to The Punch, the new date was set by the court’s presiding judge, Justice Obiora Egwuatu, to allow the parties to the lawsuit to finish filing their legal documents and exchanging any other necessary information before the delayed date.


However, in order to strengthen his defense, Tinubu, the primary defendant in the forgery case, has retained the services of Senior Advocate of Nigeria Mr. Babatunde Ogala.


What transpired: In court on August 18, 2022, Action Alliance’s attorney, Mr. Ukpai Ukairo, revealed that he had received the defendant’s Notice of Preliminary Objection, in which the defendant requested that the court not consider the case against him on a number of grounds.

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One of the reasons cited by Tinubu was that the 1999 electoral forms he presented to the relevant electoral authority served as the basis for the certificate forgery lawsuit brought against him.

The presidential candidate further asserted that the latest lawsuit’s primary basis—the report of the Lagos State House of Assembly’s investigation into the alleged certificate forgery—has passed the statute of limitations.


However, Ukairo assured the court that the issues made by Tinubu, particularly those relating to the position that was legally forbidden, would be appropriately addressed in the upcoming sessions.


Ukairo informed the judge that in order for him to be able to respond appropriately to the claims made verbally by the former governor of Lagos State through his attorney, they must be made legally and served on him.

Other defendants include: The Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC), the first defendant, pleaded for more time to reply to the lawsuit, while the APC refused to send a representation despite evidence that the lawsuit had been served on it.


Adjourned case: Judge Egwuatu then put the matter on hold until October 12, 2022 so that parties could arrange their belongings properly before the hearing of the accused certificate forgery lawsuit began.


Recall that on June 21, the Action Alliance requested a court order prohibiting INEC from inserting the name of the APC on the ballot for the 2023 presidential election.


Court sets a hearing date for Tinubu’s certificate fraud case

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