February 19, 2024
ECOWAS declares 2023 ‘Elections Year

ECOWAS declares 2023 ‘Elections Year

The Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) proclaimed this year an election year in part due to the fact that there will be general elections in Nigeria this year, as well as elections of a similar nature in three other West African nations.

Nigeria is the largest democracy in the region, and a sizable portion of the ECOWAS observer mission will be deployed for the elections, according to Sidie Mohammed Tunis, Speaker of the ECOWAS parliament, who was speaking at the opening of the fifth Legislature of ECOWAS Parliament Extraordinary session in Guinea Bissau.

“In the area, this year has been designated “Elections Year. Our largest democracy, the Federal Republic of Nigeria, will hold presidential and legislative elections in a few weeks. The Republics of Sierra Leone and Liberia will follow suit in a few months. Legislative elections in the Republic of Benin came before these.

We are collaborating closely with the ECOWAS Commission to ensure the meticulous application of the Protocol on Democracy and Good Governance’s requirements related to the holding of elections, in accordance with the established framework for election observation. In expectation of free, fair, and transparent elections in the various nations, our observers will be on hand to support the joint ECOWAS mission as needed, Tunis stated.

The Speaker informed Nigeria that ECOWAS will participate actively in election observation around the nation on election day and noted that the parliament was working closely with the ECOWAS Commission and had signed a memo designating observers who would be in Nigeria for the elections.

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The massacre of innocent people in Burkina Faso and other areas in the region was also condemned by Tunis.

In the west of Burkina Faso and other areas of the region where a comparable threat exists, let me strongly condemn the savage death of innocent citizens, especially children. No religious allegiance or statement of dislike can justify the death of innocent people. All the good people in this area must condemn it because it is barbarous and evil.

“On top of all I’ve mentioned, there’s the pressing economic concern; 2023 will be a difficult year for both our economics and our democracies.

According to the IMF, global growth will slow to 2.7% in 2023, and several nations will go into recession. These have been linked to the Russian invasion of Ukraine, rising living expenses, and China’s slowing economy as a result of the most recent increase in COVID-19 cases. Poorer nations, like the majority of our own, are thus left with no choice but to take proactive action to tighten monetary policy and increase international cooperation in order to solve our economic volatility.

It is true that economic stagnation typically affects the development and execution of ECOWAS projects, programs, and activities. As a result, Tunis said, “we must act at our discretion to draw attention to the need to start economic choices in our respective member states as well as in the ECOWAS institutions.”

Cipriano Cassama, Speaker of the National Assembly of Guinea-Bissau, asked the Parliament in his opening remarks to put new policies and infrastructures in place that will hasten the growth of technology in the West African market.

“It is true that economic stagnation would typically affect the development and implementation of ECOWAS projects, programs, and activities; we must therefore act at our discretion to call attention to the need to initiate economic choices, not only in the ECOWAS institutions but in our respective member states,” Tunis continued.

Cipriano Cassama, Speaker of the National Assembly of Guinea-Bissau, asked the Parliament to adopt new regulations and infrastructures that will hasten the spread of new technologies in the West African market in his opening remarks.

ECOWAS declares 2023 ‘Elections Year

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