February 25, 2024

Eloswag becomes the first head of the house in BBNaija Season 7

Biggie gave the Housemates a really welcome surprise during today’s intensely competitive Head of House game. The moment the members of both Houses first saw one another, they were all ecstatic and rushed to give each other hugs.

All of the Housemates were dealt a significant curveball by Biggie, forcing them to reconsider their approach. They must have realized that while they were happy to see other Housemates, 23 other Housemates were now competing for the coveted N100 million.

Before reading the game’s rules, Big Brother asked the animated Housemates to calm down. He described to the Housemates the benefits of becoming Head of House, such as bragging rights as the season’s first HOH.

Biggie’s announcement that if a Housemate from one level wins the HOH title, all Housemates from that level receive immunity for the week was a game-changer. The title of Tail of the House, which may carry some responsibility or result in rewards, is given to the housemates who perform the worst. Level 1 housemate Bella received this honor.


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Using pipes that Biggie provided, housemates were handed ping pong balls to transport from one end of the room to the other. The goal was for Housemates to move as many balls as they possibly could.

Bella was the first tail of the House, and Biggie informed Phyna, Daina, Chryst O, Giddyfia, and Groovy that they were no longer in the game. Khalid, Byann, Cyph, Eloswag, and Dotun moved on to the next phase of the game after tallying the score.

After the fight, Biggie informed Dotun and Khalid that they had lost because they had broken the rules. To measure the cashew nuts from the three surviving Housemates, Eloswag, Bryann, and Cyph, the Ninja stepped onto the floor. Eloswag was declared the first HOH winner after a stressful few minutes!

Biggie clarified that the task of choosing the final nominees comes with Eloswag’s victory. He wished each Housemate good night and requested them to go back to their own homes. As the Level 2 Housemates departed the Arena feeling defeated, the Housemates had mixed emotions about Eloswag’s victory. After Eloswag had a few minutes to enjoy his victory, Biggie brought him into the diary room and instructed him to keep it a secret that there would be no nominations this week. Additionally, he had a note that Bella was to read aloud to the Housemates.

As tail of the house, Bella’s duty is to wear all of her clothing—including the headgear and tail that will be provided—inside out for the remainder of the week. The nomination process was finished, and Biggie went to Level 2 to inform the residents that the Live Eviction Show would reveal who would be evicted.


Eloswag becomes the first head of the house in BBNaija Season 7.


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