February 24, 2024
Flood kills 23, displaces 116,000 in Benue

Flood kills 23, displaces 116,000 in Benue

Since the start of the rainy season, according to the Benue State Emergency Management Agency (SEMA), no fewer than 23 people have died in the state due to flooding.

This was said by the Executive Secretary, Dr. Emmanuel Shior, when the relief supplies were being distributed to flood victims on Tuesday in Makurdi.

He claimed that the flooding in some areas of the state had also caused 116,084 people to be relocated.


According to Shior, there were 116,084 displaced people living in 12,856 families across 11 local government units.


“There are 74 people with various degrees of injuries. According to him, the Guma Local Government Area’s boat mishaps were to blame for 14 of the 23 fatalities.


He claimed that “schools and markets, businesses, residences, and farmlands located in 104 villages are affected.”

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Guma, Vandeikya, Otukpo, Katsina-ala, Makurdi, Apa, Agatu, Tarka, Gboko, Gwer-West, and Logo were among the local government districts he identified as being affected.


“The sufferers require immediate assistance. This activity was created with that in mind.


“Because Makurdi and Agatu have the most affected communities (34 and 28 respectively), we started there.

The victims who have been hiding out along the Federal Highway in Agatu would shortly be transferred to Obagaji, he said.


Mr. John Digah, Principal Researcher and Rescue Officer for the National Emergency Management Agency, also spoke at the ceremony and stated that the organization had sent water treatment equipment to provide the victims with potable water.


According to Digah, the device can purify 2,000 liters of water in an hour.


“We have treated and given 140,000 liters of water to the sufferers over the last two days,” he said.


Flood kills 23, displaces 116,000 in Benue

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