February 25, 2024
Insecurity will end by December

Insecurity will end by December

Nigerians have been given assurances by Interior Minister Rauf Aregbesola that the country’s current security situation will end by December.


When he appeared on the Abuja news, Aregbesola provided the guarantee.

The minister stated that President Muhammadu Buhari had set a deadline of December for the security forces to reestablish law and order throughout the nation.

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Buhari was cited by Aregbesola as adding that he would not leave the nation until the security issues had been effectively reduced.

He set a deadline of December for the complete removal of this menace to the safety of people and property.


“In my opinion, no one is taking a break in any of the government’s departments charged with upholding security, ensuring safety, and removing dangers. We must first question ourselves if governance is about ensuring the security of people’s lives and property while we are doing it.


By December, we will have resolved all security-related vulnerabilities.

I’ll tell you that if you look at the situation in Nigeria, a lot of progress has been achieved over the years,” he remarked.


Aregbesola noted that, prior to 2015, bombs were present everywhere in Nigeria.

However, the minister said that the government had entirely stopped using improvised explosive devices and that Nigerians no longer had to worry about them.


The northeastern part of the country used to be a daily record of one heinous deed or another, and the insurgents had the entire area under siege.


To God be the glory, he continued, “that it is no longer there today, that lives have now returned to the area, and that people even desire to forget that there was a theatre of blood curdling insurgency.”

Argebesola ascribed the development of robbery and kidnapping in some areas of the nation, in part, to the North-East terrorists’ expulsion.


“Militancy in the southeast of the nation, and South-South cultism in the south west; but overall, we have greatly reduced the level, incidents, and danger to lives and property in Nigeria.


“We could certainly do better, though, which is why the President has given everyone in the government’s security branch the deadline.


“I can tell us all that we will succeed since we are all currently on our toes and heels confronting such dangers forcefully.


The interior minister predicted that Nigerians would exhale in relief at the end of the day.


Insecurity will end by December

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