February 24, 2024
International solidarity: creating a world for all ages

International solidarity: creating a world for all agesInternational solidarity: creating a world for all ages


Everyone wants to live in a peaceful community free from conflict. Is it conceivable? Yes, if everyone chooses to get along with one another.


Due to the fact that the older and younger generations were not raised in the same manner, there are instances when they may not agree with one another.


We can say that the elder generation had a difficult experience and a different perspective on how life should be lived, whilst the younger age appears to have a diverse set of practices that may not be suitable for them.


We should all just accept that both upbringings in this case are different, which is one of the circumstances that inspired the theme of International Youth Day.


Every year on August 12, the International Youth Day is observed. This year is no exception, as the theme for 2022 is “International solidarity: creating a world for all ages.” This theme is a strong call to action for building an inclusive world that leaves no one behind.

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In order to create a better society for everyone, “we need people of all ages, children, young and old, to join hand together.


When youth are kept out of the decision-making processes or when older people are denied an opportunity to be heard the nation will be in crisis.


Young people are making an impact in every area of society, but the older generation needs to support them by making significant investments in their education, technology, sport, capacity and skill-building.


Young people are the leaders of today, not tomorrow, and only a stingy older generation will refuse to pass the leadership baton to the younger generation.


There should be gender equality and opportunities for young people to get involved in civic and political life. The older generation should involve the younger generation in decision-making for their nation, continent, and ultimately the universe, rather than merely listening to them.


A world for all ages should be created because it is impossible to sustain sustainable, inclusive, and equitable development when age is used to label and divide individuals in ways that bring harm, disadvantage, and injustice. a society without gender discrimination in which there are no high classes, middle classes, or lower classes, among other social divisions.


The goal of International Youth Day 2022 is to raise awareness of the need for action across all generations to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and ensure that no one is left behind.


In conclusion, a society that is inclusive of all ages is one in which the elderly and the young coexist together.


International solidarity: creating a world for all ages

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