February 24, 2024
Irresponsible leaders using religion as tool of oppression – Kukah

Irresponsible leaders using religion as tool of oppression – Kukah

The Catholic Bishop of Sokoto Diocese, Matthew Kukah, lamented the country’s use of religion as a tool of oppression and lamented what he called irresponsible leadership from the political and ecclesiastical echelons.

The Bishop pointed out that there aren’t actually any conflicts between the two larges religious communities in the nation, Muslims and Christians.

This claim was made by Kukah during his remarks on TVC.


He claimed that “irresponsible leaders” are the root of Nigeria’s problems because they employ religion for tyranny rather than for emancipation.

There is no issue between Christians and Muslims, he declared.

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“There is a problem with irresponsible leaders who don’t want to rule correctly; with irresponsible religious leaders who now view religion as an oppressive tool rather than an empowering one.

Because these are two distinct fields of study, this has been the main focus of my argument.


I have spent a significant portion of my life studying theology and researching the relationship between religion and society, I said with all modesty.

Regarding the roles of religion and ethnicity in Nigerian politics, Kukah argued that the country had failed to establish a system of government that put the wellbeing of its residents above all else.


“That’s why there are officials,” he continued, “if you’re watching a football game or any game at all.


“You can see for yourself that referees punish coaches who overstep by walking, even if it’s just by an inch, into the field if the official fails to take the necessary action and permits fans to climb onto the field.


They receive punishment, and occasionally they are taken off the field.


“Now, this is really what a state ought to be; otherwise, we would all be at war with one another.


And for that reason, the state is referred to be a leviathan. You exerted such influence so that the government could defend us.

He claimed that Nigeria’s government has demonstrated its incapacity, egregious dysfunction, and unwillingness to make the wellbeing of its people the cornerstone of its governance.


Asserting that the Nigerian system is only built around politics and not science, Kukah urged Nigerians to adopt a “Nigeria land” mentality, which presumes an understanding of shared interests.


The cleric emphasized the need for a nation where the rule of law is prioritized over religious or ethnic emotions, noting that Nigeria is a democracy and not a theocratic government.

Irresponsible leaders using religion as tool of oppression – Kukah

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