February 25, 2024
Kenya election: William Ruto declared winner

Kenya election: William Ruto declared winner

Kenya election: William Ruto declared winner

William Ruto has been declared the winner of Kenya’s presidential election, defeating his rival Raila Odinga pledged to collaborate with “all leaders” in the nation.

After the National Tallying Centre had a several-hour delay in election results, violence broke out there.

The economy and Kenya’s high cost of living were major topics in the election, which saw about 65 percent of the country’s 22 million registered voters turn out to cast their ballots.

The amount was less than anticipated given the growing discontent among young people. Approximately 78 percent of voters cast ballots in 2017.


Kenyan opposition allege election fraud

Following Kenya’s electoral commission’s declaration of Deputy President Ruto as the victor, presidential candidate Raila Odinga’s chief agent accused officials of electoral violations.


“We have intelligence and reports that their system was penetrated and hacked and that some of the IEBC (Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission) officials actually committed electoral offenses and some of them ought to have been arrested if they were not arrested,” Saitabao Ole Kanchory said in a statement to the media in Nairobi shortly after the results were announced.

Fires on streets of Kibera as Ruto declared winner

As Kenya’s electoral body named Deputy President Ruto the winner of the eagerly awaited presidential election on Monday, tires were set on fire and crowds poured onto the streets of Kibera.


Due to the unrest, Al Jazeera correspondent Eromo Egbejule, their fixer, and another local journalist were forced to leave Kibera on a motorbike. People warned them not to take certain routes because some protestors had started robbing at the scene.

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Raila Odinga, a five-time candidate, was beaten by Ruto, who received 7.1 million votes to Odinga’s 6.9 million.

Ruto praises election commission

In his acceptance address, President-elect William Ruto praised the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission, or IEBC, for its behavior during the election, calling it “the hero” of the poll.


He continued, “I say this with sincerity that IEBC amazed us all with results in the public portal.


Kenya president-elect Ruto pledges to work with ‘all leaders’

William Ruto, the winner of a highly contested election, has vowed to cooperate with “all leaders” in an effort to defuse tensions after the result split the electoral commission and raised concerns about possible violence.


There is no place for retaliation, Ruto continued, adding, “I am fully aware that our nation is in a position where we require the assistance of all.


Kenya election: William Ruto declared winner

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