February 21, 2024
Navy stops effort to smuggle 351 sacks of rice and illegal drugs into Nigeria

Navy  stops effort to smuggle 351 sacks of rice and illegal drugs into Nigeria

Naval personnel stationed at the Forward Operating Base, FOB, Badagry, Lagos, have prevented certain criminals from entering the country through the Badagry/Port Novo waterways with 351 bags of imported rice worth millions of naira.


In the Badagry region of the state, 40 packs of Cannabis Sativa weighing 21 kg were also found.

No arrests were made, according to Commanding Officer, FOB, Captain James Otache, who spoke at the handing over of the recovered contrabands, since the suspects ran when they saw the oncoming naval patrol team.


He claimed that both on land and in waterways, the seizures had been made in the previous five months.

According to Captain Otache, “It is expedient that the products are given over to the competent prosecuting agencies – the Nigeria Customs Service and the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency,NDLEA. This is in accordance with existing legislation and harmonised standard operating procedures.

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They were detained on the Badagry beach and Badagry Port Novo waterway. During our patrol, we detained a few of them on shore. When they saw our patrol ship, the suspects left their possessions behind.

We haven’t made any arrests as of yet. Arresting suspects is our responsibility, and we must then deliver them to the proper prosecutors for further action.


“I want to send a message to the criminals responsible for this horrible crime that we won’t stop working to stop these malicious acts.

Captain Otache thanked Vice Admiral Awwal Gambo, the Chief of Naval Staff, for his support of the FOB and said that the base would maintain its vigorous patrols “until this form of smuggling is brought to an end, and we will sustain our efforts till we see to that.”


Hassan Ismail, Assistant Superintendent of Narcotics, NDLEA, received the impounded illegal drug and credited the Navy, Customs, Army, and NDLEA for working together to make the seizure possible.


He declared that the anti-drug agency has made the decision to take no prisoners in its pursuit of drug lords.


The Nigeria Customs Service’s Deputy Comptroller Enforcement, Sunday Enogela, who also received the bags of imported rice, claimed that the agency’s drive to stop criminals from bringing in illegal agricultural products, including rice, had resulted in a number of arrests in the past. He praised the FOB for the accomplishment.

Navy stops effort to smuggle 351 sacks of rice and illegal drugs into Nigeria

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