February 29, 2024
NBC begins recycling project in Lagos

NBC begins recycling project in Lagos

Nigerian Bottling Company (NBC) Limited announced that it has started working with the 1004 housing estate in Victoria Island, Lagos, to recover post-consumer plastic packaging waste generated by the community and subsequently ensure that it is properly recycled in an effort to lessen the menace of plastic pollution in the Lagos metropolis.

Nigerian Bottling Company (NBC) Limited announced that it has started NBC’s managing director, Matthieu Seguin, stated that by partnering with 1004 Estate for PET collection, the company is demonstrating its long-standing commitment to recycling, environmental protection, and sustainable waste management.

According to him, this historic alliance is anticipated to handle the garbage produced by the over 1077 flats and more than 5000 people’ living in the estate effectively.

He stated that the company is dedicated to making sure that sustainable waste management techniques are established in the region where it operates and in communities all throughout the country.

He declared, “As a socioeconomically and environmentally conscious organization, we appreciate the necessity of integrating sustainability-oriented activities into our operations.

In order to accomplish this, we have identified a number of touchpoints over the years, with water stewardship and energy usage at the forefront of our commitments. We have also noted that, particularly in the context of our Nigerian communities, waste management and plastic pollution continue to be major obstacles on our path to environmental sustainability.

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In this sense, we made the decision to confront this issue head-on by getting specific and interacting directly with communities. Through this strategy, we have started working with residential communities like 1004 Housing estate to gather post-consumer plastic packaging trash created from the community and afterwards ensure they are correctly recycled.

He mentioned that the business had placed 18 specially constructed packing collection units throughout the estate and had also arranged for a unit for value exchange and evacuation, which would be handled by Wastexchange Limited.

NBC begins recycling project in Lagos

He explained that the estate’s recycling initiative is anticipated to lower the Estate’s future trash evacuation costs in addition to enhancing the estate’s environmental sustainability impact with regular adherence by the inhabitants.

The financial equivalent of the recycled products will also be donated to the estate for its communal development, he continued, under a set-up return system.

Speaking about the project, the Executive Committee of the 1004 Home Owners and Residents Association (HORA) expressed joy at the Estate’s partnership with NBC and its partner on PET recycling as well as the advantages it will bring to the Estate.

They pointed out that 1004 Estate is the single largest estate in West Africa and that it is crucial to make the Estate more environmentally friendly and sustainable. They emphasized that the partnership gives the Estate the chance to collaborate with the Nigerian Bottling Company to reduce careless disposal of plastics, PETs, and other materials and work toward a cleaner and better neighborhood.

NBC begins recycling project in Lagos

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