February 28, 2024
NFF President

NFF President

The Nigerian Football Federation’s president, Pinnick Amaju, has disclosed that the organization still owes its vendors more than N600m.
In an interview with Brila FM on Saturday, Pinnick made this clear.
Our correspondent discovered that the NFF owes money to hotels, travel agencies, numerous national teams, and employees.

Pinnick also mentioned that the NFF is owed $6 million by one of its sponsors. His eight years in office will come to an end on September 30 after the Annual General Assembly approved a 10-day extension.

His first term in office began in 2014.

“I always want to guarantee the payment, even when we owe our hotels and travel agents more than N600 million. So, it’s been really difficult, but Nigerians don’t understand,” Pinnick remarked in an interview with Brila FM on Saturday while outlining his regrets as the NFF President.

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“As of right now, the financial difficulties are keeping our sponsors from making timely payments. Due to the nature of their relationship with us and the business they conduct, one of our sponsors owes us around $6 million. Most of our issues might have been resolved with that money. Some sponsors have even contacted to ask that we renegotiate the terms of the agreement because they are unable to attend; we do understand.

“For instance, our budget to the government is about N800 million annually.”
Additionally, Pinnick revealed that there were plans to construct a football center for the national teams.
We spend a lot of money renting hotels and other places, so I decided to establish a center, he added.

“We planned to construct a world-class facility with four training fields, nearly six floors of hotel space with 100 rooms and a gym, as well as a stadium with 1,000 seats. The discussion of FIFA’s capacity growth and our sponsors, which will help us save money, is almost done.
Pinnick, who decided against running for re-election despite appeals from colleagues pleading with him to do so, thinks the NFF executive board has capable successors who can step in for him.
He said, “My first and second vice Presidents are capable, and I will not leave them.

I’ll force myself to cooperate with the future President even if he or she is not a member of the current executive committee because we are all Nigerians.

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