February 24, 2024
Nigerian Catholic youth converse in Ibadan

Nigerian Youths Meet & Connect At The Biggest Catholic Event

Catholic youth from all around Nigeria will meet in Ibadan today for the much-anticipated National Youth Day.

In the Catholic Church community, Ibadan is referred to as the Rome of Nigeria. National Youth Day is scheduled to begin TODAY, August 10, and end on August 14, 2022.

Ibadan is the largest city in West Africa and the third largest in Africa. It is also known as the city of brown roofs due to the use of old corrugated iron sheets to cover the buildings.

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The youth event’s theme is “Mary arose and went with haste. Luke 1:39.” The Archdiocese of Ibadan will serve as the host for a gathering of God’s children, bishops, priests, religious, and young people from all around Nigeria.

Features of this year National Youth Day include:

  • Holy Mass
  • Catechesis
  • Youth Festival
  • Youth Exchange and Networking
  • Cultural Exhibition
  • The Pilgrims’ Walk
  • Lectio Divina

The youth mega event will take place at the SS. Peter and Paul Major Seminary in Bodija, the Catholic churches of St. Gabriel in Mokola, St. Joseph in Oke-Ado, St. Patrick in Bashorun, and Christ the King in Odo-Ona, all of which are located in the lovely city of Ibadan with its golden roof.

Nigerian Youths Meet & Connect At The Biggest Catholic Event

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