February 24, 2024
One million man March: Peter Obi supporters shut Nasarawa

One million man March: Peter Obi supporters shut Nasarawa

Traders, youths who support Peter Obi’s presidential bid, and others The Labour Party organized a million-man march on Saturday to show support for the party and its candidate, Peter Obi, in Lafia. This shut down commercial activity in Nasarawa.

Alexander Emmanuel, State Chairman of the Party, stated that the purpose of the one million-man march was to educate and convince the people of the state of the importance of electing reputable leaders in 2023 as well as to send a message to other political parties that the Labour party has a structure.

He expressed confidence that the party would win the 2023 presidential election as well as every other elective position in Nasarawa state, saying that the locals were sick of the current government and were prepared to support its candidates.


“I agreed to the request from the business class, the youth, and members of other parties to participate in this sensitization rally because I want the public to understand the need for them to elect credible leaders into office in 2023 and also to make a statement to other political parties who consistently claim that our supporters are only on social media.

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A businessman in Lafia named Kenneth Otublu made the following remarks on the event, which attracted participants from over eight Local Government Areas of the state: “Traders in the state shuttered stores and lost all the profits to show their concern for Peter Obi.”


Otublu claims that the pain and hardships endured by Nigerians, as well as the rise in incidences of insecurity, have necessitated immediate reform.

We made a sacrifice today in order to show our solidarity and support for the Labour Party and its presidential candidate, Peter Obi.

Nigerians must vote in 2023 to oust the APC from power and ensure that our children can go back to school, reduce the exorbitant cost of food, and address other issues.

According to Wilson Kingsley, secretary of the coalition supporting Peter Obi’s candidacy, residents of the state turned out in large numbers to support the former governor of Anambra state because they were tired of the misrule of the APC-led federal and state governments.

Wilson cited the following organizations: Women for Peter Obi, Peter Obi Support Network, Peter Obi Ambassadors, Like Minds for Peter Obi, TakeBackNaija, Nigeria Needs Peter Obi, and Peter Obi

“These one million supporters are members of the 56 registered groups spread out among the state’s 13 LGAs. Because the Independent National Electoral Commission has not given the go-ahead, we are not currently campaigning. We’re participating in a march today to show Mr. Peter Obi our support.


“We are behind him because we think he has what it takes to lead Nigeria to greater heights. We are sick of all the politicians lying to us every election year, promising us wonderful administration but never delivering on their word.


“The citizens have been totally let down by the current administration. They assured us of security and stability for our economy, but Nigeria has become clear to all. The cost of everything on the market has climbed, but worker salaries have not.


Our politicians seem unconcerned with the issue because their children do not attend Nigerian schools, despite the fact that our children have been at home for nearly six months due to university strikes.

We are prepared to use our permanent voter cards in 2023 to bring about a change for the better in the nation because we are sick and tired of terrible administration.

One million man March: Peter Obi supporters shut Nasarawa

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