February 24, 2024

Pope Francis: “When it is time to resign, the Lord will announce.”

Pope Francis stated on Saturday that if he determines that it is God’s will, he is “open” to the idea of resigning.

“I consider that at my age and with this limitation I have to scale back a little bit to be able to serve the Church or, on the other hand, think about the prospect of stepping aside,” Pope Francis said to reporters on the papal plane on July 30.

Francis stated that “the Lord will declare” when it is time to step down during a press conference while in aircraft on his way back to Rome from Iqaluit, Canada.

“There is an open door. It’s one of the standard alternatives, but as of right now, I haven’t pounded on the door,” the pope added.

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It hasn’t occurred to me to consider that idea. But perhaps that does not imply that I won’t begin thinking the day after tomorrow,” he said.

Throughout the press conference, the 85-year-old pope was asked numerous times if he would step down because to the severe physical health challenges he has had.

What the Lord says, Francis responded to one journalist. I could be told to step down by the Lord. The Lord is in charge of giving orders.

In a Jesuit’s vocation, he explained, “discernment is crucial,” which means “he must be open to anything the Lord asks of him.”

Pope Francis also stated that due to his health, he would need to take it easier on himself in the interim with his trip plans.

The pope admitted, “I don’t think I can move at the same rate as before.”

In my instance, knee surgery is not anticipated. Yes, according to the professionals, but there is the whole anaesthetic issue. I was under anesthesia for more than six hours ten months ago, and there are still remnants. With anesthetic, you don’t goof about or play around, he explained.


The pope continued, “I think it is a form of service,” and I will strive to continue going on vacations to be near to people.


Francis said he expected his planned trip to Kazakhstan in September to attend the Congress of Leaders of World and Traditional Religions to be a calm visit and specifically highlighted that he would “like to go to Ukraine.”

The pope made his remarks at the conclusion of a seven-day visit to Canada, during which he made stops in Edmonton, Québec, and Iqaluit on what he called a “penitential pilgrimage” to express his apologies to the nation’s indigenous communities.

Pope Francis: “When it is time to resign, the Lord will announce.”

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