February 21, 2024
Residents of Enugu shut down an electricity company

Residents of Enugu shut down an electricity company due to an outage for five months.

On Wednesday, residents of Owa-Emene in Enugu East Local Government Area of Enugu State disrupted business operations at the Enugu Electricity Distribution PLC headquarters by demanding their transformer, which some company employees have been stealing since July and leaving the communities in the dark.

Residents carrying signs reading, “EEDC give us back our transfer,” flocked in large numbers to the headquarters of the electrical distribution company. What wrongdoing have we committed? “We have gone through so much pain.” Among others, “We have been in darkness for five months.”


They bemoaned the fact that the outage had destroyed their companies.

Chief Ogbuefi, one of the demonstrators’ leaders, told reporters that the company’s employees had been misleading the locals by saying they would return the transformer in two weeks ever since they had taken it away. “Five months have passed.”

Ogbuefi complained in a letter to Engr. Praveen Chorghade, Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of Enugu Electricity Distribution PLC, that a 500KVA transformer was taken away on July 18, 2022, without his knowledge.

“Sir, I wish to bring to your attention the challenges I and other members of Owa II, Emene are facing after the 500KVA transformer located at Owa Street, Emene was removed by your staff on July 18,2022,” read the complaint letter dated August 17, 2022, which SaharaReporters obtained on Wednesday.

“We had discovered that the transformer’s oil had stopped down a week ago. Our personnel in the Emene business district was informed of the problem, and we asked for a prompt response to ensure that our light was restored as soon as possible ” May I also take this opportunity to draw your attention to the fact that some of us recharge our prepaid meters for as much as N30,000.00 (thirty thousand naira only); I even did so three days before the transformer’s power was cut off.


“You will agree with me that this is a breach of contract as the implication is that our money is on the line with the services we paid for not being provided for us. I have asked your field officials for an explanation, and I was told that the transfer has damaged and irreparably, claiming that the coil in the transformer is aluminum and it has burned, which is false as the transformer is a copper coil with three coils inside.

“I am aware of this and am able to claim with confidence that two of the transformer’s coils were serving the neighborhood while one had a problem. Additionally, I can let you know that the transformer was operational when your crew arrived and turned it off after we observed an oil deficit.


But as a journalist, I looked into the subject and found that your men had taken the transformer to a different place where they were allegedly earning big profits. As a journalist, I won’t think twice about using my platform and those of other media to make the establishment’s irregularities and incompetence public. Because we spent two months in darkness, I and other customers may also file a lawsuit if required because we believe it is sufficient punishment for an offense we did not commit “Ir, please read the foregoing and take the appropriate action. We’re hoping you’ll use your influence to put this issue to bed.”


Ogbuefi complained that the firm had not yet returned or given the locals another transformer despite Chorghade’s assurances.

He said that some of the company’s management personnel were taking advantage of the circumstance to demand money from locals and business owners in exchange for helping to expedite the return of the transformer.


Residents of Enugu shut down an electricity company

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