March 1, 2024
Sanwo-Olu: Okada ban has decreased insecurity and deaths in Lagos.

Sanwo-Olu: Okada ban has decreased insecurity and deaths in Lagos.

The frequency of accidents and security concerns have decreased, according to Lagos State Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu, since the state’s prohibition on commercial motorcycles, or “okadas,” as they are known locally.

Speaking yesterday on the Sunday Politics program on Channels Television, the governor claimed that the places where okada was prohibited have seen enormous advancements.


Speaking on the Okada ban, he stated: “The areas where Okada has been banned have witnessed enormous development. Along with a decline in security-related problems like auto thefts, okada accidents have also significantly decreased. No longer do we witness limbs being amputated in our hospitals.

At the height of the ban, there were 550 okada-related accidents per month that resulted in fatalities; today, that number is less than 100.


In order for people to see them, I also advised the RRS that we should conduct several pindowns and pedestrian monitoring. These are just a few of the things we have been up to.

In response to Dr. Olajide Adediran’s warning, the governor stated that it is in the best interests of the populace to choose an experienced person to handle a crisis rather than someone who is unfamiliar with the problems.

Who would you call in an emergency at three in the morning, he asked? What are the odds? Do you call a man with experience—someone who has been there before, knows what the problems are, and understands the difficulties you face at three in the morning? Or will you entrust your chances to someone who is clueless about governance concerns or where the dial is located? In Lagos, we have educated audiences. It’s not a tea party here.

This state is a country unto itself and has an economy larger than Ghana’s. It is a genuine situation, not a circus act.


I have the utmost regard for every candidate who has appeared, even the candidate of the specific party you are referring to, therefore I don’t want to denigrate anyone.

How does he get going? You must get started right away; there is no room for error. My 65 or so permanent secretaries all have names I know, and I am familiar with their backgrounds. We deserve it, in my opinion.

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He stated: “We are installing over 2000 CCTV cameras all throughout the state to forestall any type of security breach in Lagos State regarding the measures taken to secure the train tracks and avoid attacks on the rail line.


For security reasons, we are constructing a new data center. In Lagos, we are coping with security challenges. To make sure that the residents are safe and secure, we are collaborating with the State’s complete security architecture.


The governor said that since taking office in 2019, he has trained no less than 400,000 individuals in new skills to combat unemployment.

Sanwo-Olu: Okada ban has decreased insecurity and deaths in Lagos.

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