February 19, 2024
Somalia: Puntland state dissociates itself from Mogadishu

Somalia: Puntland state dissociates itself from Mogadishu

On Monday, January 9, the strong Puntland government said that it was “now acting as an independent government” in a press release.

It claims to be in the process of waiting for Somalia’s federal constitution to be finished. The statement comes at a time when Hassan Sheikh Mohamoud, the federal president of Somalia who was elected in May, and Said Abdullahi Deni, the president of Puntland, who lost the most recent election, are at odds with one another.

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The Puntland government’s communiqué made clear right away how committed it is to Somalia. It describes its “efforts over the past 18 years” to “set the groundwork for constructing the federal system” and its “financial and military” support for succeeding governments in Mogadishu in its three-page justification, which it signs as the “Puntland Government of Somalia.”

In recent months, tensions between Mogadishu and Puntland have risen over issues such as the division of political, judicial, and security authority, the use of the ports of Bossaso and Berbera and other natural resources, and the right to collaborate with other countries, particularly in the field of oil development.

According to their entourage, recent talks between the two heads of state did not go well.

The president of the Mogadishu administration has been making more and more decisions since last summer in the name of a Somali federation that is still in the planning stages, which the Garowe authorities have seen as a dirigiste temptation on the part of the federal authorities.


Somalia: Puntland state dissociates itself from Mogadishu


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