February 24, 2024
power plant

Following the disagreements between the National Union of Electricity Employees and the Transmission Company of Nigeria, the Ikeja Electricity Distribution Company has announced a stoppage of operations.
The Disco made the announcement of its closure on Wednesday via its verified Twitter account, @IkejaElectric.
The message said, in part, “We are currently facing disruption of power supply since the majority of stations within our network have been shut down due to the continuous statewide picketing of Transmission Stations by the NUEE.

Please be patient with us while we wait for a cooperative solution from the necessary parties.

Given that organized labor has ordered power sector employees to shut down and go on an extended strike over unresolved issues with the power industry, the country’s electricity supply crisis could get worse starting today.

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In preparation for the planned strike, the disgruntled employees acting under the NUEE’s auspices were at the TCN’s national headquarters in Abuja on Tuesday.
The walkout, according to the union, was in retaliation for a TCN Board order requiring all acting PMs attending the annual general meeting to appear for a promotional interview.
The general secretary of the NUEE, Joe Ajaero, instructed electricity workers to ensure complete compliance in a circular titled “Call to Action” that was sent to senior assistant general secretaries and zonal organising secretaries on August 15, 2022. Ajaero also threatened to shut down TCN operations nationwide due to anti-masses activities.

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