February 25, 2024
Two helicopters collide in Australia

Two helicopters collide in Australia, killing four

Officials reported that two helicopters collided mid-air on Australia’s Gold Coast, killing four passengers. Photos from the scene showed one of the helicopters’ blades lying on a sand bank.

According to police, three more persons are in critical condition.

A few steps from the coast, one helicopter was lying on its side on the sand. Images from public broadcaster ABC showed that its rotors were nearby.

At the crash scene, which is close to the well-known Sea World marine theme park, the other helicopter appeared to be largely unharmed.

Images of the aftermath revealed a bright yellow rescue aircraft had landed nearby, its rotors whirring, with a large number of rescuers strewn about.

Just off the sandbank where the two aircraft’s debris was scattered, several police and rescue boats waited.

Acting Queensland Police Service Inspector Gary Worrell stated at a news conference at the incident that “those two aircraft, when colliding, had crash landed, and landed, just out from Sea World resort.”

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Four lives have been lost today as a result of that, he said. “Three others are critically ill in the hospital.”

The occurrence, which was referred to as a “mid-air collision,” was the subject of an investigation by Australia’s transport safety bureau.

According to a statement, investigators were on their way and will investigate the debris, map the area, and recover any components for further analysis.

Investigation launched

According to Worrell, one of the helicopters looked to be taking off as the other was making a landing, but air accident investigators had not yet uncovered all the details. According to the police department, the helicopter’s windscreen was broken but it still landed safely. The other airframe, which was upside down, crashed.


People were being removed from the upside-down airframe by members of the public and law enforcement, who also started administering first aid. The sandbank’s position made it difficult to reach the site, according to Worrell. I would like to express my gratitude to everyone who came and helped bring those patients to the emergency room in the manner that they did.


Australia’s transport safety agency announced that an investigation into the mid-air accident had already been opened. It stated in a statement that investigators would investigate the debris, map the location, and recover components for investigation.


The agency issued an appeal for anyone with video or eyewitness accounts of the helicopters in flight to get in touch. A draft report was anticipated in six to eight weeks.

Two helicopters collide in Australia

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