February 24, 2024
Uganda declares end of Ebola outbreak

Uganda declares end of Ebola outbreak

Less than four months after the first case was identified in the country’s central Mubende area on September 20, 2022, Uganda has declared the end of the Ebola disease outbreak brought on by the Sudan ebolavirus.

Minister of Health for Uganda. Dr. Jane Ruth Aceng Ocero stated that by stepping up crucial control measures like surveillance, contact tracing, infection prevention, and control, Uganda quickly put a stop to the Ebola outbreak.

“While we increased our efforts to establish a robust response across the nine impacted districts, the magic solution has been our people who grasped the significance of taking the necessary action to stop the outbreak, and did so.”

The nation experienced its fifth total case of this particular strain of Ebola and its first outbreak of the Sudan ebolavirus in ten years. A total of 164 cases—142 confirmed and 22 probable—87 recovered patients, and 55 confirmed deaths—were reported. Following up on and monitoring the health of more than 4000 individuals who had contact with confirmed cases took place over the course of 21 days.

An average of 47% of cases resulted in fatalities. On November 30, the 42-day countdown to the outbreak’s end started, and the final patient was discharged from treatment.

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World Health Organization’s director general (WHO). “Uganda has proved that Ebola can be vanquished when the entire system works,” said Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus. “This includes putting an alarm system in place, discovering and caring for persons afflicted and their contacts, and engaging the full participation of impacted communities in the response.” In the coming years, Ugandans and others will be protected thanks to the lessons gained and the procedures put in place for this outbreak.

“Without vaccines and therapeutics, this was one of the most difficult Ebola outbreaks in the past five years, but Uganda stayed the course and continuously improved its response,” said Dr. Matshidiso Moeti, WHO Regional Director for Africa.

When the outbreak reached important cities like Kampala and Jinja two months ago, it appeared as though Ebola might loom large over the nation well into 2023. However, this victory marks a significant turning point for Africa.

The WHO collaborated with a wide range of partners, including vaccine developers, researchers, donors, and the Ugandan health authorities, to discover potential treatments and vaccines for clinical trials soon after Uganda notified the Sudan ebolavirus epidemic.

Over 5000 doses of each of the three potential vaccinations were shipped into the nation; the first batch arrived on December 8 and the final two on December 17. The quickness of this cooperation represents a turning point in the ability of the world to respond to fast developing diseases and stop them from spreading.

“Even though these candidate vaccines were not utilized during this outbreak, Uganda and its partners continue to contribute them to the battle against Ebola. The WHO Representative in Uganda, Dr. Yonas Tegegn Woldemariam, said, “We can reignite the vigorous cooperation between developers, donors, and health authorities and dispatch the candidate vaccines when the Sudan ebolavirus strikes again.

Although the outbreak in Uganda has been proclaimed to be finished, health officials are nonetheless keeping an eye on things and are prepared to act rapidly if anything changes. To assist survivors, a follow-up program has been put in place. Neighboring nations are urged to keep improving their ability to recognize and deal with infectious disease outbreaks while remaining on high alert.

Uganda declares end of Ebola outbreak


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