February 24, 2024
UK to impose visa ban on politicians

UK to impose visa ban on politicians inciting electoral violence

The United Kingdom has reaffirmed its intention to impose visa restrictions on any politician found to be inciting violence during the next elections.

“We are prepared to take action on anyone who instigate election violence, and other anti-democratic behaviors,” the British High Commissioner to Nigeria, Catriona Laing, stated on Channels Television while urging Nigerians to cast their ballots in large numbers for their preferred candidate.

We’ll deny them a visa so they can’t enter the UK; this is one of our ideas. In terms of human rights, there are further sanctions. We’re keeping an eye on it, and it doesn’t specifically target any political group or person; anyone may use it.

We have already used these tools with our American counterparts, and we are ready to do so once more.

A fair and credible election is in everyone’s best interests, especially if it’s taking place in Nigeria. Hence, we are merely doing our lot to aid Nigeria’s democratic transition.

When asked what the UK’s greatest concern was regarding the elections, she responded, “My greatest concern is post-election insecurity, and we have pushed the heads of political parties to speak to the supporters. We will have a peaceful nation if we are able to get through that. Nigeria has the support of the whole international community, including the UK.

She urged the new president to prioritize the economy by assembling a strong, diverse team that includes women and young people as well as reaching out to other political parties.

Who is Catriona Laing?

Wendy Catriona Campbell High Commissioner to Nigeria is British diplomat and civil servant Laing CB.

Laing earned a Master of Science (MSc) in economics from the London School of Economics in 1986. Thereafter, she enrolled in the Cranfield School of Management at Cranfield University, where she earned an MBA in 1996.

Laing was chosen to serve as Zimbabwe’s ambassador beginning in 2014.

She held that position for four years before being named the High Commissioner to Nigeria in November 2018.

Laing received a CB award in the 2012 New Year’s Honours.

UK to impose visa ban on politicians

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