February 28, 2024
Uniosun VC begs new nurses not to leave Nigeria.

Uniosun VC begs new nurses not to leave Nigeria.

Professor Clement Adebooye, vice chancellor of Osun State University, has pleaded with the school’s newly admitted nurses not to flee the nation.

He pleaded with the nurses to stay back and contribute to the growth of the country’s health sector during his speech at the institution’s third induction/oath taking ceremony for 40 newly registered nurses.

He emphasized the necessity for government at all levels to establish an atmosphere that allows health workers to thrive in the nation, and he urged the new hires to participate in the country’s development.

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“With your work in this field, you have the ability to travel anywhere, but I would prefer that you stay in Nigeria. You want to escape this country, I know that. Nigeria is going to improve.

The nation needs to develop a sense of patriotism. Because the constitution does not restrict anyone from seeking opportunities anyplace they choose throughout the world, all we need to do is recreate those conditions in our own community; otherwise, we will lose them.


The most we can do, then, is to foster an environment that encourages individuals to stay and work in our country. The issue we have is that we continually teach these individuals, but as soon as they complete their education, other nations seize them to work in their healthcare industries. Since we are losing, we must establish that circumstance here.

Uniosun VC begs new nurses not to leave Nigeria.

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